When faced with a Google penalty there are lots of mistakes site owners and SEO companies can make when trying to have it removed. Site owners are doing their best, but the very fact that they are penalized or banned, may show they do not have knowledge or time to get the Google penalty removed themselves. Sound familiar? And many SEO companies are looking to make a fast buck and aren’t thorough in their work to get the site back in Google’s search index. Shoddy work, not lack of knowledge, is the problem with most poor SEO companies.

No matter what any person or company may tell you, if your site has a Google penalty, there is no easy fix.

  • You have to be diligent in finding every single spammy backlink, whether you placed it or not,  and that means using more than just one tool to find those links. We use a multiple tools, some that we pay monthly for access to use.
  • After finding all the links, you have to be sure and only delete the links that may be causing the penalty, not the good links that support higher search result rankings. And then you must work towards getting all the bad links removed.
  • Then you must show Google you have tried your best and that means submitting documented proof.

If you are reading this you may be at any point in the road to getting the Google ban removed; and if you are at the point having hired a SEO company and they have failed, I would ask that you give us a call and let us do it right. If they aren’t providing proof to you of the tasks I outlined above then they may be doing nothing and that is probably what’s happened to you site…nothing.

So let us use our proven methods and get your site back in the Google search results. We know what we are doing and do it quickly. When we have been called upon we have gotten the penalty removed in less than a month and the longest period was 2 1/2 months for our clients.

While we cannot guarantee you the time period before your site will have the penalty removed, as this will vary based on the penalty you are experiencing on our site as well as how many bad links you have pointing to your site, our audit will tell us quickly what the problem is and we can start immediately on removing the penalty. Without a plan of action which is followed through, Google will not lift any ban or penalty; you need a company like Big Oak who will make sure all the steps are done and stay with the project until your site is ranking again.

Don’t waste anymore time with companies that don’t know what they are doing or trying to do this yourself. We can help and we can help quickly and cost-effectively. Call us at 804-212-2981 or email us today.


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