Adding fresh content to your site and your homepage is an often heard bit of advice from SEO consultants and advice columns. Yes, It is a good idea to keep your content up-to-date and fresh, but using information that isn’t pertinent to your site such as a weather feed or generalized information you can find on a host of other sites, it isn’t likely to draw much attention from the search engines. You need something more substantial and more on topic with your site.

Look for content that speaks to your audience. For example, maybe you own an SEO company and adding new content to your home page looks like a good idea. Well, if you write a blog on a consistent basis then your own blog posts can become homepage content through an RSS feed. As a matter of fact we have implemented this very tactic today on our own home page. If you look at the Big Oak homepage you will see an area that is displaying an RSS feed of this blog (SEO Blog) with a snippet from the two most recent blog posts. Now we have content that will change whenever this SEO blog is updated and most of the time the posts will be on topic. The search engines will notice my home page changes frequently and visit more often and give our site a higher value because of this.

If you aren’t an avid blogger, you can add content from other blogs or from search result and news feeds, but this can draw traffic from your site if your visitors follow links included in the third-party feeds.

Problems can occur as fresh content can cause your rankings to change based on the content displayed, but these fluctuations are usually minor and the benefits outweigh the negatives. Keeping a watch on your fresh content should be part of your strategy.

Be creative and think about what content would be of use to your visitors. Think about adding new products to the homepage or specials that change frequently. The key is to stay vigilant and automation is good answer. RSS feeds are a great way to do this and many shopping carts have the option to provide an RSS feed. Other ideas are writing tips, maybe 52 Industry tips in advance, that change out weekly. They don’t have to link anywhere and can simply be placed on the home page every Monday and so on. It is important to make it fun and easy, otherwise it will become a struggle especially if you are trying to provide the content yourself rather than displaying content from other sites or feeds. Be sure to get permission if you aren’t sure about copyright issues when using the content from other sites.

Please pass along any ideas you have for keep your homepage fresh with relative content.