The last few tips have been a little longer than I planned when I originally came up with the idea to post one SEO tip per week. On the other hand I wanted the SEO tips to have some meat to them so I’m okay with making the posts more than a few sentences. But I thought I’d give everyone a break and do a tip that was short and sweet, but very important, of course.

Be sure to provide a link to your home page.

Pure genius, right? Of course we all know we should do this, but how you do it is just as important. I think examples work best so here are some ways not to link to your home page. Let’s assume your page filename is index.html.

<a href=”/index.html”>Home</a>

<a href=””>Home</a>

What is wrong with this you say? The problem is linking to the filename. Always link to the root address. Your links on your site and any external links pointing to your site’s home page should look something like this.

<a href=”/”>Home</a>

<a href=””>Home</a>

The reason we do this is so the search engines don’t split our PageRank to multiple web addresses of our home page. If all the links are pointing to the root address ( then all the PageRank will be gathered in the root address and not split between the root address and the filename (

Get on the Same Page
Be sure all the links on your site point to the root and check them to be sure; even images on your site should follow this advice. It doesn’t matter if you are pointing to the root with just a “/” or using the full url (, both work the same way. You want any external links to point to the full url as well and ask anyone linking to your website to use the “www” in the link. The key is uniformity. We want all links pointing to the same web address for maximum PageRank and search engine rankings.

Bonus Tip
As a bonus tip, try to use a keyword in the internal links to your home page when possible. Using the link text “Home” provides little ranking support unless you sell homes. Don’t let this cloud your judgment though, having a link to your home page with a three word keyword phrase might look ridiculous and unprofessional.

Next time you are surfing around, click a link to a home page and see how many are linking correctly and how many aren’t.