Home Page UB Super

Big Oak is proud to present the new UB Super website. The previous site was using the WordPress Content Management System (CMS), but was having issues using the eCommerce WooCommerce plugin. Too many updates and incompatibility issues were causing the shopping cart to break which meant no sales and loss of consumer confidence. Once new visitor sees your shopping cart isn’t working you may have lost them forever. Speed and efficiency were paramount, so the owner could start generating sales and revenue quickly.

Big Oak suggested moving the site to an all-in-one shopping cart solution. We have worked with a few and we have found success with Shopify.com. In less than a week, much to the client’s relief and surprise, the site was moved and the ability to purchase from the new site was restored.

UB Super asked for the site design to be:

  • Easy to Maintain
  • Focus on Selling Products
  • Mobile-Friendly Design for Smart Phones and Tablets

They also requested the following functionality:

  • Easy to Purchase Products
  • Capture Email Addresses for Mailing List
  • Easy of Adding Future Products

Of course, getting the site up fast was paramount, but making it look good (and even better according to the client) was our focus. All roads should lead towards sales and removing distractions from that goal needed to be looked at before the final site as launched

We included additional screenshots from the UB Super eCommerce w3bsite. You can visit the live site here. Follow this link to see more of Big Oak’s website design.