I have an easy SEO Tip this week. Make sure you register you domain name for more than one year. Register it for a minimum of three years and more if you can. This is especially important for new sites. The search engines, particularly Google, want to see that you believe your site is going to be successful. They also want to be sure that your site will be meaningful. A good indicator can be fort the length of time you register your domain. And the first place they check is with your domain register company (e.g. Godaddy.com).

Google has also filed United States Patent Application 20050071741 stating this very fact.

“Valuable (legitimate) domains are often paid for several years in advance, while doorway (illegitimate) domains rarely are used for more than a year. Therefore, the date when a domain expires in the future can be used as a factor in predicting the legitimacy of a domain and, thus, the documents associated therewith.”

Another good reason to increase your domain registration period is it will prevent you from accidentally losing the domain name because you overlooked or didn’t receive the reminder email to renew.