I was contacted by the founder of Sency, Evan Britton, and he asked if we would take a look at his search engine. I did and found something interesting – real time search results for what is being said about the search term you type in. What is interesting is the fact it pulls in tweets about your subject matter as well as websites. It also gives you the time the search term was last mentioned. I saw times ranging from 1 minute ago to 2 days ago show up on the first page of results.

Time will only tell how useful this will be for search marketing and for the general populace.

Here is Evan’s “elevator speech” about Sency. What do you think, is it viable?

The real time web is hot because users want to know what is happening right now.  Many startups are making an impact in this space,  today, we will discuss what Sency is up to…

Sency offers a real time web search engine which is fast and easy to use.  It breaks out results into both what people are saying and what today’s most popular links are.  Sency also shows the source, so that you can see whom is writing the respective message that you are reading.

The main differentiator that Sency is bringing to the table is the two widgets it has created.  The content feed for websites ( will bring real time results for any keyword that a website or blog wants to stream.  The popular links feed ( will allow any website to display today’s most popular links for any given keyword…

It is interesting to see several new startups on the real time web.  Sency hopes it can make an impact in this space.