Individuals are online today.  They’re online at home and in the office where they can easily access the internet using personal computers or laptops.  Tablets and cell phones have taken our ability to be plugged in a step further.  While away from personal computers or laptops, individuals can still connect to the internet, check email, and remain in synch with the outside world as they use tablets and cell phones.  In fact, people are so online today that many experience feelings of anxiety and frustration when they are away from their computers or mobile devices for prolonged periods of time.

Internet-Marketing-StragegyWhile on the go, a person may occasionally find himself in area where he is outside of cell phone range and that may mean he can’t access the internet on his phone.  Being cut off from the internet addiction that humankind craves can be challenging.  With so many people online at home, at work, and on the go, wouldn’t it make sense to use SEO marketing to reach potential customers?

Search engine optimization is an effective and inexpensive marketing strategy employed by thousands of businesses and organizations.   It’s a powerful tool that can be used to promote a business even while the company’s marketing executives sleep.  Here are a few reasons organizations today use SEO to influence their businesses:

  • Appropriate SEO use can reduce competition.
  • It can increase traffic to a website, and consequently, can increase sales.
  • Makes a website more visible.
  • It is inexpensive marketing.

Competition buster

Let’s be honest.  Many internet users want to get the best search results while putting forth the least effort possible.  This means that they rarely search through pages upon pages of the results from a search engine query in order to find the information they are seeking.  It’s far more common for them to look over the first several entries for relevance, and use them.  When a website is optimized it can drive it to the top levels of search results, pushing the competition further down the list.  Internet users might be more inclined to click on an optimized website rather than one that is not, simply because it appears near the top of a list.  In this way, SEO can easily reduce the competition.

Sales driver 

Plain and simple: the more people visit a website, the more sales will increase online.  Many people do a lot of shopping online, and the competition can be brutal.  It really is helpful to not only be online, but to be ranked highly so internet users can locate the website.  Online shoppers can be pretty savvy, and they may browse the internet and research online for a long time before making a decision.  Just because they spend a long time researching, though, doesn’t mean they will look through all the search results in order to find what they will ultimately buy.  Oftentimes they look at the first few websites that are ranked high and do some rather extensive research from there.  Employing the use of SEO can drive a website to the top of the list so internet users visit it.  Upon entry of the website, visitors can become buyers.

Increased visibility

The higher a website’s ranking, the more likely it is to get hits.  Individuals are more likely to click on websites that are listed higher up on the page than read through pages of search engine results.  As a website climbs up the list it is common to get more site visitors.  Once a site visitor enters a website it’s up to the website owner to seal a deal, but the challenge of getting visitors can be reduced by a lot.  SEO makes a website more visible to more people.

Inexpensive marketing

There are many kinds of internet marketing, but SEO is both effective and pretty inexpensive by comparison.  Pay per click is an advertising model that can help direct internet traffic to specific websites.  It requires the advertiser to pay a website owner a fee each time the ad is clicked on.  The fee can range in price and can be a flat-rate or a bid-based fee.  Either way, the advertiser has to weigh his options to determine the value of paying for this type of advertising.  Will it reach the target audience?  And if so, will it create a sale?  SEO, on the other hand, can drive individuals to a website and can also provide persuasive text that can influence the site visitor to take action; maybe in the form of a purchase.  SEO is an effective and inexpensive marketing strategy and can help drive sales in just about any organization.