Big Oak started out as a web design firm back in January of 2004. But by June of 2006 we had already changed our strategies and become an SEO company. Now we are focused on many other marketing specialties, which you can see here, and now we are a Internet Marketing company in the highest regard.

But our roots are in SEO and seeing this infographic from QuickSprout made me wonder if the business world has accepted the idea that SEO is no longer what it was even a year ago, much less five years ago. While not all the changes are listed in this infographic, it does hit the high points, and is a cautionary infographic for online businesses who think they can still bully their way to better rankings by building links through spammy techniques.

Better rankings, means better brand building and smarter marketing. In many cases this means more time and more money, but when done correctly the ROI should be there.

Content strategy (see how we can help you with your content strategy) has become more important, and that includes content on your site as well as content you are using on third-party sites. Content on your own site needs to answer questions your potential customers are asking and provide thoughtful answers. This proves you are an industry leader and gives them confidence in your company. Content is good, but strategic content that draws in visitors is what is truly king.

SEO Changes Infographic