SEO Question: I am already ranking well for my targeted keyword phrase in Google, so should I also start using Google AdWords so I have the the top AdWord ranking and the top organic ranking?

SEO Answer: This is a question we get a lot and the answer is always the same. If the ROI is worth it, then do it. If you are making more money by using AdWords with an SEO campaign then it makes sense. Running Adwords will not affect you SEO work positively or negatively so do not let that be a factor in whether you do it or not.

In fact, using paid search while your SEO campaign builds is even a better idea. Also using it to test some keywords is a great use for AdWords. After all, you don’t want to rank for keywords that won’t convert into sales or clients. AdWords can test this for you rather inexpensively. Remember to watch your AdWords CTR and set up a conversion testing method.

One concern I can offer is to watch your sales and make sure you aren’t stealing from yourself. Obviously both methods, PPC and SEO, will bring traffic an sales but if too many sales are coming from AdWords that would naturally be coming from SEO you may be shrinking your profit margin. Test this by dropping your ad for a time and watching your sales. Do they remain consistent? Ditch the ad. Do they drop? Put the ad back up.

In the end the decision to continue your AdWord’s campaign should be based on actual traffic data.

Below screen shot from our client’s children’s toy store, showing an example of an organic and AdWords/PPC rankings. Find out more about our PPC Campaign Management.


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