I must admit that I go back and forth on how useful twitter can be. For the last few weeks I have hardly twitted and have read even less tweets than I have written. We created a comic (Jason Calacanis -SEO Has No Future) and that spurred a huge traffic spike in our site’s stas. I knew we were featured on the home page of Calacanis.com so my natural assumption was that our traffic came from Jason’s popular home page.

Looking into our stats I discovered that a small amount of traffic did come from his site, but the overwhelming amount of traffic came from twitter pages. A few seconds of research and I found that Jason Calacanis had twitted about the comic. That twit, directly and indirectly, was providing most of traffic. Amazing, twitter can be useful…if the right people are doing the twittering.

Of course it does help when a lightning rod such as Jason Calacanis (He has over 32,000 followers) is doing the twittering. Feel free to follow me on twitter; I promise not to tell you what I had for lunch.