Google has been more proactive in displaying videos, images, news, tweets, and other real time news items in search results.  Among all these pieces, video content is considered to be the one of the most valuable components because it can result in increased traffic and higher conversions for your business if it is done correctly.

Here are the 7 quick tips on how to perform Video SEO:

  1. As far as on-page factors are concerned, the video SEO is similar to webpage SEO.  Title of your video is the most important aspect of on-page video SEO.  If possible, it is best to have your main keyword as the early in your title as possible.
  2. Description of your video should have the relevant keywords as well.  If you are planning on hosting your video on third-party video platforms, write up your video description so that it has relevant keywords as well as a link to your website.
  3. For third party platforms like YouTube, it is important to choose as many relevant tags as possible.  Google will rank the videos both for your target keywords and your tags.
  4. Google’s algorithm is not sophisticated enough to analyze the content of your video, however, if your video does not offer any real value, it will result in higher bounce rate and fewer views and subscriptions, which in turn will negatively affect your rankings.  So don’t just create a video to get links, instead, think of it as a dynamic content.   Add engaging and relevant background music tracks to your video to keep your viewers attention.  Visit to browse cost-effective and engaging background music tracks.
  5. Distribute your video to mainstream video platforms.  One of the best video distribution services is offered by TubeMogul.  It encodes and distributes your video to dozens of video platforms and saves you a lot of time.   The best part is that it is free of charge!
  6. Fire backlinks to your videos.  If your video is related to any of the vertical directories, social bookmarking would help too.  It is best to start off with your YouTube video when you are building links and doing social bookmarking activities.  If you are uploading your video on your site along with the third-party video sites, make sure that your site has unique content (description, transcript etc.) compared to the third-party video platforms.  Offering a transcript of your video is helpful too.
  7. If uploading the video on your site, make sure to offer the “embed video” code to your viewers.   A well done video can serve as an effective link-bait and help you in increasing your authority and presence in your marketplace.

Video marketing is going to be one of the most effective marketing techniques in 2010 and beyond.  Best of all, it allows you to engage with your customers in a way that was never possible before.  Applying the 7 techniques mentioned above would definitely get you started with solid Video SEO.