Internet Marketing (SEO & Ads) for Roofing Companies

Internet Marketing for Roofing Contractors

A targeted internet marketing plan is a vital part of any company’s strategy to increase website traffic and generate customer leads online. It’s true for your roofing company as well, especially when your business depends upon attracting local customers. Customers finding a roofing contractor the old-fashioned way, through the yellow pages, is no longer an efficient use of your marketing budget and time. Most residential or commercial customers for your industry are using a search engine to find a roofer. You have to stay current with online marketing strategies. Do you know what tools you need to be found in the regular, organic listings (search engine optimization) on desktop computers and mobile phones and in the paid ads [Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords), Bing Ads, etc.]? It’s crucial that your company listing appears near the top of both organic and paid search results.

Big Oak (read about us) can help you and has a successful history of providing small and large businesses with increased website traffic and more leads. We have been helping our clients since 2004 when we first started our Internet marketing business. We work with businesses across the country and throughout Virginia. You can view our company profile with unbiased reviews (that were done by a third party interviewing our clients) from

We have also provided the reviews here for your convenience.


Before we begin with showing you have we can help, you may be interested in understanding how search engine results actually work. Let’s provide some details to help you understand what it’s all about. Or, you can click here to skip the basics of a search results page and find out what we do to get you more business.

Anatomy of a Google Search Results Page for a local “Roofing Companies” Search

This is an example we did of a Google search for “Richmond Roofing Companies”. This visual breaks down what a user sees when performing this search on a desktop computer. We provide a full description below the search result image.

The first thing usually seen are paid advertisements marked with an “AD” in green next to the website link beneath the advertising company’s name. These paid advertisements mean that the roofing contractor, here it is Nathan’s Roofing, paid Google to be placed above Google local and organic search results. Paid advertising also goes by terms such as Pay-Per-Click (PPC), paid placement, paid search, or Google Ads if you are using Google (and Bing Ads with Microsoft’s Bing search engine). It is an quick way to gain potential customers and increase your revenue, but you pay for each click to your website.

Beneath the paid advertisements are the regional or local search results. By default, Google uses the location you are searching from to find you the nearest results. Google will also show a map with the locations of multiple businesses within the search area. Here we have three separate roofing companies listed and marked on the map. While this is very beneficial for the user if they are looking for a roofer nearby, there is no a guarantee that your roofing company would show up before someone else’s in these local results.

Other factors affect your company’s ability to show up in this local search area, such as the distance to the searcher’s location, the trustworthiness of your website (determined by Google), user reviews of your business, and whether or not your business name, address, and phone number (collectively referred to as NAP) (see image below for more information) have been verified by third-party websites. It is worth noting that local search results are not costing you (at this time) for each click.

What’s in a Name?

NAP stands for Name, Address, Phone Number. Using a standard NAP across websites where your business is mentioned is critical if you are trying to rank well in local and organic search results. Search engines use NAP information when determining which companies to show for geo-targeted searches. Your NAP can be seen on sites such Yelp, Facebook, and sites where your company’s information is listed. Here is an example of Big Oak’s Yelp listing with our correct NAP.

Finally, the user sees organic search results. The order of these results are due many factors, but these are two of the more important: the number of links pointing to the website itself and the content on the page of the website that is ranking. (We will get more into this further down the page.) Ranking in the organic area is the best way to increase your return on investment (ROI), because you are not paying Google for potential clicks to your site. Your goal, and ours at Big Oak, is to have your roofing website listed at the top when someone searches Google for terms related to your business like “roofing contractors,” “roofing companies,” and “best roofing company.”

Now let’s discuss how paid search advertising might be a significant lead generating tool for more roofing jobs, and how your website’s organic rankings can be improved with search engine optimization (SEO).

Paid Search (Google Ads) for Roofing Company Websites

While the goal for any website is to have unpaid and steady visitors from organic search results, achieving this goal is a challenge, especially when you don’t have the time or expertise of an Internet marketing expert. Ranking for highly search phrases such as “roof installation” and “roofing contractor” can require long-term time investment. There are multiple pieces that must be in place before your business ranks well organically, and it can be a frustrating process if you are doing it without expertise. Paid search with Google Ads is a service that can help if your roofing company is having difficulty being visible in organic search results. There are some great benefits to using paid search:

  • You only pay when someone clicks on your ad.
  • Targeting geographic areas is easy. Big Oak can target only the areas where you wish to advertise. We can do this by zip code, miles radius from a specific point and/or metro area. In other words, you can be focused with your Internet marketing efforts, only showing ads to the people you want.
  • Your office can track calls and online form submissions. You can track your leads from phone calls and filled out forms to see if users became customers. Your ROI is easy to track and this helps decide where you may wish to modify your budget, change the terms you are focused on, explore different locations, etc.

We know Google Ads (formerly AdWords) and Google knows we know. Google selected Big Oak as a Google Ambassador. What does that mean? Google talks to us and takes our calls. We are privy to new roll-outs ahead of time and we visit Google at their offices twice a year to speak with our Google Ads team.

What do we do to help your Google Ads perform and bring in leads?

  • Keyword selection
  • Negative keyword selection
  • Campaign and Ad Group creation
  • Bid determination
  • Ad writing and testing
  • Landing page optimization
  • Continuous monitoring and tracking of activity and bid pricing

Organic Search (SEO) for Roofing Companies

Big Oak can help you achieve long-term traffic from search engines through creating quality content and acquiring trusted backlinks. These two factors contribute the most to ranking well and thereby maintaining steady traffic to your roofing website. There is a process Big Oak follows (see image below). All Organic Search campaigns have the following strategic components:

  • Website (and Competitor) Research and Analysis – We find out who your competitors are and how they have achieved their success with organic results. We then reverse engineer this and start working towards your success in the search engines. In other words, we figure out why Google likes another site more than yours and surpass those parameters for your site.
  • Keyword Research – What keyword phrases work best for your site? Sometimes the keywords you want to target aren’t realistic. We will make sure we focus on ranking for keywords that will bring traffic to your site that can convert. That may mean keyword phrases with less competition at first.
  • Website & individual Page Optimization – We like to say, “you can’t rank for the keyword term, if you don’t have a page about it,” and that is where keyword research helps. We figure out which keywords need a page on your site and work with you to write that page and promote it with backlinks and social media.
  • Link Building through website submission to directories, local sites and NAP coordination – The hardest portion of any SEO  initiative is building links and this is where most Internet marketing companies fall short. Here at Big Oak, we understand the importance of links and we know how time consuming this work can be. That doesn’t mean we ignore it. That means we have worked years creating strategies that help us acquire links to increase your rankings. You need backlinks to rank well.
  • Analysis and Review of Results with Clients – We meet with our clients each month and provide analytics so show our results, both the successes and areas that are creating challenges. Together we decide what course of action is needed based on budget and time.
  • Implementation of Changes Based on Results and Client Feedback – After we meet each month, we make changes as needed to your website, such as more content creation or more aggressive link building. We are not a rinse and repeat company.


SEO is a marathon, not a sprint. If an SEO company that tells you overnight rankings are possible, they are selling something they can’t back up. Optimizing your site, adding new content, and creating backlinks takes time. And most likely you are trailing other roofing contractor websites that have been optimized and building backlinks for years. Big Oak provides the means to catch up and eventually pass the competition, but it will take time. How long? That depends on many factors and when Big Oak reviews your site, we will take a look at your competitors to see what your website is up against. You will  have the confidence of viewing your reports and meeting with Big Oak each month to know exactly where your business stands in its successes and where challenges lie.

Big Oak Studios can help improve your online marketing. Contact us today for more information – 804-741-6776 or email us at
Mobile Results for Roofing Contractor

Mobile Results for Roofing Contractor

Mobile Search Results for Roofing Companies

In today’s digital world, you will have to keep in mind that many of your potential customers will be using a mobile device more often (sometimes up to 61%) to begin their search for a roofing contractor. It is critical to pay attention to how your website appears to mobile users for reasons we will discuss below.

To the right is a visual of how a Google search looks on a smartphone. It’s set up the same order as on a desktop, but with limited space due to the screen size. When considering paid advertising versus organic results, mobile  is important. Up to three Google Ads can be displayed first, which means they can take up the entire first screen of the mobile device. So, when a mobile user searches for you, even if you are ranked #1 for the keyword phrase “roofing company”, a potential customer will have to scroll past multiple paid ads before reaching the organic search results.

Also notice that Google can display a convenient Call button right next to the roofing company that is using paid advertising. This is an additional service provided through Google Ads. If a searcher clicks any of the ads or the call button this means your site might never be seen. Big Oak can make sure your roofing company is the top result by managing your Google Ad campaign.

Of course, the best marketing strategy will not do your company any good if the website is not user friendly once people visit it; which brings us to the final point of increasing your website’s ranking on the internet…

Do You Need a (Better) Website for Your Roofing Company?

There are many good reasons to give your roofing company’s website a thorough update. Employees may have changed, you may have expanded or discontinued some services, or perhaps your coverage area is not the same anymore. Even more important, we see many websites that are out of date and do not display properly on mobile devices. This is frustrating to the user who may decide to take their business elsewhere if they cannot navigate your website. Plus it can also hurt your rankings. Google is changing their ranking criteria to reflect this shift in the searcher experience, and is on record stating, “Google Search will be expanding its use of mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal. This change will affect mobile searches in all languages worldwide and will have a significant impact in Google Search results.” Big Oak has provided web building services and guidance to our clients, at an affordable price because we recognize the importance of a user-friendly website.

Not only is it a low-cost option to you, but we make it as simple as possible so that you or your staff can perform future updates or edits to the pages. We encourage you to remain in control of your site. An updated website can provide a clean and professional design to entice potential clients to call for an estimate, while an online portfolio can showcase previous jobs.

Partner with Big Oak to Bring More Leads to Your Roofing Company

Big Oak has been providing online marketing strategies to small and local businesses like yours since 2004. We understand the changing SEO landscape and paid search (PPC) strategies, whether it is for a regional roofing contractor or a national company. You will have a Big Oak team member that you can call or email directly. Our employees have all been here at least 5 years. We have low turnover because our employees love their jobs and their clients.

Big Oak Studios can help improve your online marketing. Contact us today for more information – 804-741-6776 or email us at

We are a Trusted Google Partner.

The Google Partner badge shows the world that Google trusts our company and you can too. You are working with a Google Premier partner. See how we can help you advertise with Google and keep your return on investment high.

Why should you use Big Oak to optimize your roofing company website?

  • Better search engine placement in Google
  • More potential customers for roofing installations or repairs
  • Traffic Analytics & Monthly Reports – get a comprehensive understanding of your site traffic
  • You have a SEO/Ads consultant you can contact. (Call me if you ever have a problem – Shell Harris 804-212-2981)
  • Higher ROI that is trackable
  • Call Tracking (know what advertisements are working in Google Ads – quit guessing)
  • A better advertising solution than the yellow pages, radio, or print ads.

Please give us a call and let’s discuss your goals for your company and how your website can be better utilized to meet those goals. Don’t let your 24-hour salesperson (your website) let you down – we make sure your site is always providing you with potential leads. Call Big Oak at 804-741-6776 ext. 100.