Internet marketing is about ranking high in search results. It’s about providing qualified traffic, conversions, and brand recognition. It’s about using the right keywords, on the right pages, and with the correct information. High rankings for the wrong keywords and bad traffic won’t help your sales.

Our goal is to provide the correct, tailored solutions to help you reach your audience. That can be it through organic search rankings, pay-per-click ads, social media, or content marketing.

We work with B2C and B2B clients – some needing national results and others looking for targeted, local results. Some clients provide services and others are selling products. Each allows us to employ different strategies to meet the client’s specific goals; something Big Oak is adept at delivering.

Case Studies

We have provided case studies that touch on all our services. While we cannot give the name of the client in each case study, we are giving factual and accurate information. References can be requested, and you can speak with our current clients if needed.

Traffic Attorney Increases in organic traffic 826% from one month to the next & 768% Increase in user sessions in one month.

Divorce Lawyer shows 256% Increase in Return On Investment. PPC Conversion rate increased by 30%, while spend decreased by 20%.

Richmond, VA dentist with 15 offices very happy with a 68% increase in book appointments from June 2018 to June 2019.

Appliance manufacturer sees a 229% increase in sales from organic, non-branded search terms and a 58% increase in organic search.

Real Estate Agency increases organic traffic by 92%, with year-to-year growth SEO services. User sessions increase from 31,000 to 60,000.

Development House reduced cost per software downloads by 51%, from $75 to $36 and increased downloads by 107% with PPC ads.


Online Marketing Campaigns for Window Replacement Franchise Increases Leads by 400%.


New Landing Page Increases Leads 700% for national provider of on hold music and messaging.


Online retailer providing watch-related products has Google manual spam action revoked


Dentist Office Increases Phone Calls 288% with Google Ads Campaign and a new website.