Our Results

Internet marketing is about more than search engine results pages. It’s about qualified traffic, conversions and brand recognition. It’s about the right keywords, the right pages, and the right information. High rankings for the wrong keywords or large amounts of bad traffic won’t do much to help your sales.

Our goal is to provide the correct, tailored solutions to help you reach your audience, be it through organic search engine rankings, pay-per-click ads, social media, or online content.

We work with B2C and B2B clients – some needing national results and others looking for targeted, local results. Some are providing services and others are selling products. Each gives us an opportunity to employ differing strategies to meet the client’s specific goals; something Big Oak is adept at delivering.

Case Studies

We have provided case studies that touch on all our services. While we cannot give the name of the client in each case study, we are giving factual and accurate information. References can be requested and you can speak with our current clients if needed.

Traffic Lawyers SEO Case Study

A traffic defense law firm which specializes in client defense of reckless driving, DUI and other moving traffic violations.The client’s objective was increased brand awareness and higher traffic numbers with increased conversions for search terms relating to the metro area and traffic violations they defend. See the full case study >>

Divorce Law Firm PPC Case Study

Law firm specializing in divorce. This office performs legal work for the entire state in which it is located. Their goal was to increase quality traffic to the website that will generate more leads and convert to sales for visitors interested in hiring a divorce attorney within their state. See the full case study >>

Real Estate Agency Case Study

A Real Estate company selling houses, townhomes and condos while also offering property management services and real estate investment opportunities. The client’s main objective was to focus on acquiring a larger number of real estate sellers, targeting individuals looking for property management services and real estate investments. See the full case study >>

Google Penalty Removal Case Study

The client’s site was successfully reinstated into the Google search results and search results began sending new traffic to the site immediately. See the full case study >>

Big Brand Retailer Doubles Organic Traffic

Working with large brands is a double-edged sword. You have the power of the brand but also many more moving parts and more parameters to protect the brand. We enjoy working with this large client and we feel it is mutual as we have helped them post the best organic traffic numbers in their history. See the full case study >>