Big Brand Retailer Doubles Organic Traffic


A large, national brand manufacturing and selling products to consumers


The client’s main objectives were to further their brand and to increase sales from their website. While sales from their site were important, achieving better brand awareness for their company and their products was the focus.

Our Approach

Better rankings will increase both brand awareness and sales, so our efforts were to increase search engine rankings for a variety of products sold by this company. Rather than target generic , short terms, Big Oak began achieving top rankings for longer, more descriptive terms. Once a baseline of solid rankings for these longer, specific search terms was achieved, more focus and effort was applied to ranking for shorter, general search terms.

Many terms achieved better rankings. As this occurred, the company’s name was seen by more searchers and is now identified with products that, beforehand, may not have been known to consumers.

New product categories were added to target more detailed searches. Content was optimized, more descriptive titles were added and external link building, using consumer sites, was targeted which drove traffic and increased rankings. Infographics were used to increase brand recognition and provided traffic to client’s site.

Big Oak Services Utilized

Impressive Results

We saw a 58% increase in organic search sessions. Brand awareness was also increased as 68%  of users were new who used organic search. And to further show how Big Oak increased brand recognition, look no further than a 229% increase in sales for non-branded organic search. Which means they sold 229% more products from generic search terms not using the clients brand name.