Divorce Attorney PPC Services Case Study


Law firm specializing in divorce. This office performs legal work for the entire state of Virginia.


To increase quality website traffic that will generate more leads and convert leads to clients interested in hiring a divorce attorney within the state of Virginia.

Our Approach

For this client, Big Oak performs multiple services every month to acquire new clientele, as well as protecting the law firm’s online reputation. In the divorce law industry, negative feedback and unpopular reviews are usually done by unscrupulous competitors or unhappy spouses. Big Oak helps reduce the effect of this type of negative information with our reputation management process.

We have helped this client increase traffic primarily through our Google Ads management, spending over tens of thousands each month for a healthy return of over one million in revenue. The ROI in their PPC investment is well worth the return. Our management of their account is ongoing and a daily part of this client’s workload for us.

In addition to our Google Ads management services, we support SEO initiatives for this law firm and provide content management and writing for their blog.

Big Oak Services Utilized

Impressive Results

Big Oak began managing an Google Ads (PPC, Paid Search) account that  had a 1.43% CTR and quality scores averaging 4/10 through 5/10.

Now the average CTR is 4.01%, the Quality Scores are 8/10 through 10/10.  We reduced the spend cost by 20% while increasing the conversion by 30%.  Recent net ROI average for the last 12 months was 171%.


Are you a member of a law firm or an attorney looking for PPC services? We specialize in helping all types of law firms (divorce, traffic, DUI, personal injury and more) succeed online. We excel in managing efficient Paid Search, also known as PPC Services, AdWords, and Google Ads. Give us a call at 804-741-6776 or email us at contact@bigoakinc.com to learn more.

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