Google Manual Penalty Removal Case Study


An online retailer providing watch-related products.


The client’s objective was to remove the Google manual penalty that had banned their site from Google’s organic search results.

Our Approach

Getting a Google manual penalty removed is a painstaking, time consuming process and must be done correctly the first time. While it is possible to submit more than one reinclusion request to Google, each time your chances diminish for being allowed back into their search results. And there is a point at which Google will no longer accept your requests for a manual penalty removal.

The penalty, in this case, was due to a large number of spammy (or unnatural) links that were acquired by an old SEO company. Big Oak began the process of cataloging all the links pointing to the client’s website by using multiple sources to find as many links as possible. The links were then evaluated to determine their value and if they were on questionable websites.

We then contacted every site owner that had a unnatural link to our client and asked them to remove the link. We did this 3 times and documented this to show a high level of effort to Google. If the link was not removed, we added that site to a disavow list that was eventually submitted to Google. We also submitted the detailed documentation showing our link removal efforts as well as other information Google requests. We submitted all information correctly, in the correct order and with the right amount of detail.

We then waited just over a week for Google’s reply.

Big Oak Services Utilized

Impressive Results

The client’s site was successfully reinstated into the Google search results and the website ranked in the search results so traffic began to flow to the site.

In the future, a new link building campaign will begin that focuses on two important principles to keep within Google’s guidelines:

  1. Build links that prove you are who you say you are.
  2. Build links that prove you are where you say you are.

Following these two pieces of link building advice should keep a website clear of Google’s penalty ban.

We offer a Google penalty removal service or call us at 804-741-6776 to discuss how we can help you.

Here is a screenshot from our client’s Google Webmaster account, showing their manual spam action has been revoked.

reconsideration request from Google

And here is the email confirming that the client’s site is no longer being penalized by a manual spam action.


These are real communications from Google and proof you can have a penalty or ban on your site removed if you follow their instructions and perform your due diligence to remove the offense. We realize you are busy running your company and may not have the time to apply for the reinclusion correctly, so please give Big Oak a call at 804-741-6776 or contact us to help get your site back in the Google search results.