SEO for a Local Jewelry Store

Case Study for Local Richmond Jeweler

adolf-jewelers-head-graphicAdolf Jewelers has been a family owned and operated jeweler in the Richmond area for nearly 50 years. Their commitment to customer service is reflected in their motto: “Relax.  We’ll make you happy.”  Adolf Jewelers’ marketing firm, Barber Martin, came to Big Oak looking for strategies to increase Adolf’s visibility on the Internet and expose their offline marketing efforts to online audiences.

Client Goal

Adolf Jewelers’ goal was to increase their exposure in the search engines and increase traffic to their website in order to encourage customers to visit their Richmond, Virginia store.  They do not sell online so the strategy was to build their brand and raise awareness with local jewelry buyers as Adolf competed with companies like Capri Jewelers and other local jewelry stores both online and offline. When Adolf partnered with Big Oak you could only find Adolf’s website if you did search for their store name – and spelled it correctly. They wanted a web presence that would allow online searchers to find them when looking for a Richmond jewelry store.

Our Challenges

The biggest challenge we faced was that Adolf Jewelers doesn’t actually sell any of their products through their website.  While they do offer quotes on pieces of jewelry, from fine watches to diamond engagement rings and wedding bands, until recently there weren’t any products available to view on the website and these products cannot be purchased online.  This created a unique challenge when it came to planning a strategy for maximizing Adolf Jewelers’ online presence since the focus would be on driving traffic first to the website, and then have their online audience visit their Richmond location.

Our Strategy

Since Adolf Jewelers doesn’t sell any of their products through their website, our strategy involved targeting customers who use search engines like the Yellow Pages, – they search using jewelry terms and their city to find a store. Once these users are on the Adolf site, the content directs customers to go to the store for the personal jewelry buying experience that Adolf offers.  A search engine marketing campaign involving press releases, articles, and link building helped Adolf Jewelers gain first page results in the search engines for Richmond-area jewelry terms and allowed them to succeed, and indeed grow.  All of this occurred even though Adolf kept their market small and only sold their product through their one brick-and-mortar location.  “Maybe we’re old fashioned,” Ronnie Adolf, president of Adolf Jewelers said, “but we like to deal with our guests on a face-to-face basis.  It lets us really get to know them and help them find the piece of jewelry that’s right for them.  Big Oak has done a great job of letting us do business the way we love to, even in this growing digital age.”


Adolf Jewelers began work with Big Oak in September of 2006.  Within 10 months the traffic to the website went from less than 1,000 visits per month (872 in August of 2006) to an average of over 2,500 visits per month. The increase in foot traffic and sales at Adolf’s store reflects this increase in internet traffic; and they recently doubled the size of their showroom by adding a new Engagement Center that focuses on diamond engagement rings and wedding jewelry.  All of these results have been achieved through a combination of the efforts of Big Oak and Barber Martin whose marketing initiatives were complemented by Big Oak’s own marketing strategies.  “Big Oak has done an amazing job,” David Owen of Baber Martin was quoted as saying.  “They’ve helped us to take our client [Adolf Jewelers] to the next level in online marketing and to ensure that they stay there.  Big Oak was integral to that success.”

Why Big Oak is Different

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves. We truly believe each SEO campaign is a partnership – we treat each client’s business as if it were our own. We care about your success because that translates into our success.

While Adolf has been burning up the search engine results pages, has your company been lying in the ashes? Contact us to see how we can help your company rise in the search engine rankings. Our next successful case study could be your site!