A traffic violations law firm specializing in client defense of reckless driving, DUI, speeding and other traffic offenses.


The client’s objective was increased brand awareness in a mid-size city and all surrounding counties. Increased new visitor numbers and conversions were desired for search terms relating to the metro area and the traffic violations they defend such as “reckless driving,” “speeding ticket,” and “DUI lawyers.”

Our Approach

Two things are needed for any client wishing to have a successful SEO campaign: optimized content and quality links. Big Oak provided top-notch keyword research and page optimization. Many new pages were added to the site to target searches that focused on counties, such as “reckless driving in (example) county.” Each practice area was also provided a page with content to rank for the practice area name.

A blog was created and a structure was developed that automated the process of connecting blog posts to the practice areas on the site. For example, a blog post about the successful defense of a reckless driving ticket would show as a snippet on the practice area page allowing visitors to click to read the full post on the blog. A strategic content plan was provided to the client every month and content was created that matched the types of information potential visitors were searching for such as, “how many points does reckless driving add to my driving record.” This content strategy on the blog increased local traffic and client acquisition.

As noted previously, it takes two things to be successful: optimized content and quality links. After optimizing the law firm’s site and establishing a monthly content plan, Big Oak began finding directories and legal resource sites where the client’s contact information and a link to their website could be added. Relevant links began to grow with this strategy and rankings increased dramatically.

A series of legal infographics were created and distributed. These provided powerful, quality backlinks as sites showcasing infographics provided a source link back to our client.

Big Oak Services Utilized

Impressive Results

This local law client came to us with less than 1,000 organic search visitors per month and in two years we have increased that monthly traffic to 9,243 monthly organic search visitors. Strategic content additions and appropriate link building made the difference and their patience was rewarded.