Content Strategy

Providing useful content for our clients has always been a part of our offering. Unique content that reflects your brand and tone should fit in seamlessly with your other marketing efforts and sales information. We write as part of larger engagements such as search engine optimization, pay-per-click campaigns and social media – not as a standalone project.

As part of our SEO services, we provide content creation and marketing  to our clients in the following areas:

Optimized Website Content – The content on your website needs to be descriptive, engaging and useful for your site visitors and the search engines. Whether you sell products or services, having impactful, focused page copy will allow visitors to find what they need and make informed buying decisions. And the content on all the pages of your website matters; it is what is going to get someone to stay on your site, inquire, buy, fill out a form, etc.

Content Strategy – Clients building their website or looking to streamline their site can benefit from a sound content strategy that looks at their navigation and how visitors will move through the site. This is especially beneficial since visitors may come directly to interior pages from search engine results pages or PPC ads.

Blogging – Informative, unique blog posts that portray your company’s marketing messages, generate traffic and are shared by readers can increase your company’s reach. And blogging offers another way for searchers to find your website. Start a blog today, if you don’t have one already.

Article Writing – Big Oak writes high-quality, lengthy articles for our clients for a variety of applications. Whether it is to help establish your company as an informed voice in your industry or to appeal to potential customers looking for useful information on your type of products, we have writing capabilities to help your team.

Press Releases –An engaging, timely press release can be a tool for spreading the word about your company gaining you more exposure and mentions on the web. We can either edit a press release that your team provides or write it for you.

Big Oak also writes content for other online marketing initiatives:

Pay-Per-Click Advertising (see more about this service)

PPC Ad Copy – Matching the keywords you are bidding on with the copy in the ad helps searchers make the decision to click on your ad. Compelling, action-oriented copy that is straightforward will bring better traffic to your site.

Landing Pages – Developing PPC-specific landing pages can help with conversions. A landing page can allow you to drive searchers to specific content or messages that match the keyword in the search and/or information in your PPC ads. You can also present special offers or provide additional information depending where searchers are in their buying process.

Social Media (see more about this service)

Facebook Ad Copy – As with PPC ad copy, you want the word and images to be concise to catch users attention and have them visit your page.