Press Releases

As part of our Internet marketing services, we include press releases to help your company gain online exposure. Our content creation abilities include press releases which we can either write for your company or edit what your team has written. Our editing includes keyword and link considerations, suggestions on an impactful headline and subhead, and proofreading the release. We also handle the submission of the press release to distribution sources. This helps with online visibility while providing interest in your services and/or products.

The benefit of press releases in today’s online world is for building additional awareness and mentions of your company on the web – how often and where you are being talked about is a factor in your rankings and reach. Press releases can be picked up by other websites, news outlets, industry organizations, and blogs looking to feature the latest information on your industry. Some of our clients have been contacted and interviewed by trade sites, business associations, news outlets, reporters and bloggers. Clients looking for local exposure benefit from optimized press releases as the information can be picked up by local news organizations. Getting your business mentioned and talked about online is an indirect method for building more traffic to your site.

Link building is not part of this strategy since press releases services make links within a press release “no-follow links”, meaning the code tells the search engines “Don’t follow this specific link”. In this way, links from a press release are not counted by the search engines. Google does look for mentions of your company name and your URL on the web – even though these may not link to your site.

Bottom line, press releases should be used for building better brand awareness and sharing useful information about your company, not for link building.

Press Release Statistics

We will provide statistics that show you how many times your press release has been picked up by other websites and media portals as well as how many times it may have been printed. Statistics are provided a week or so after the release.

For more information on having a press release written and distributed, please give us a call at 804-741-6776.