Online Reputation Management

Your customers are using the search engines to find your products and services – and to learn more about your business and sometimes more about YOU. Look at a search engine results page for a search on your company name. Besides your website, you will see a number of other sites in the top 10 – perhaps your company’s external blog, companies with similar business names, mentions of your company in the press, and sites with customer reviews and comments about you. And, increasingly, people will do searches on your company name + “review” to see what sites like Yelp, the Better Business Bureau, and others have to say about you.

Anyone can say what they like about your business online – honest feedback from your customers, negative posts by others, inaccurate/old contact information by directories, etc. Being aware of your company’s online reputation and taking care of what is found are important tasks, particularly when prospective customers are evaluating you.

How Big Oak Can Help

Big Oak can help you manage your company (or personal) online reputation by:

  • Evaluating what is currently out there on the web
  • Developing a strategy to correct and protect you company from distracting negative comments, compromising news stories, incorrect phone numbers, etc.

Our techniques help to provide accurate information about your company and push hurtful information out of the top search engine results. Part of our strategy is to push the good information about you up – mentions on other websites, positive news stories and press, helpful customer reviews, etc. If you are concerned because another company with a similar name is dominating the search engine results, we can work on this. We can also assist with the personal online reputation of you or an employee.

Many clients come to us when they already have a problem – how large and pervasive it is determines what strategies we employ. When writing our proposal, we strive to make an accurate assessment of how much work it will take to alleviate your reputation problem. Plenty of other companies will try and sell you “monitoring services” where they are not actively working on your reputation. If you feel you need us to watch your results, we can. But most of the time we have found clients are already paying attention to what is being said about them and shouldn’t have to pay to have anyone monitor the same thing.

In most instances, fixing an online reputation takes time. The search engines update their results at random intervals. We don’t want to work on too many strategies at once or the search engines may become suspicious. And our strategies take time to permeate the online environment and boost your positive information. When you work with us, you are informed about what we are doing and the work that is occurring so you are aware of our effort.

To learn more about our online reputation management services, please give us a call at 804-741-6776.