responsive-web-designIn today’s business world, having a website is a must. But simply having a one-page site or a website that doesn’t convert your visitors into customers is a waste. And in today’s mobile-first world it is important to have a website that not only works on mobile devices such as an iPhone or tablet, but your website design must also look professional on these devices as well as a desktop. To accomplish this, you need a responsive design and Big Oak can help you create a website you can be proud to show to your customers. And more importantly, we can build a website that will help convert visitors to customers.

Don’t let your website hold you back, with 80% of adults owning a mobile phone, you need a website that works on a multitude of devices.

Does your website look professional and is it easy to read on your mobile phone? On your tablet device? If not, please give us a call and let us help move your website into the mobile age. Learn more about responsive website development. Call us today at 804-741-6776.

Website Design Example by Big Oak

UB Super Superfoods

National distributor of protein shakes, powders and smoothies, UBSuper came to Big Oak looking to streamline their online sales site and avoid downtime created by using WordPress in conjunction with plugins such as WooCommerce which caused issues due to incompatibility errors and loss of sales. Big Oak redesigned the site and moved it to Shopify so the sales functionality would be kept up-to-date by one company. The site is now stable and sales come off without a hitch. It looks great, and for a budget far lower than trying to continually update the WordPress backend and the dozens of plugins needed. See the full case study.

Discovery United Methodist Church

Local Richmond church, Discovery United Methodist asked Big Oak to create a new, fresh and more functional site to meet the needs of the congregation and the staff. With minimal guidance, we were able to design a website that made everyone happy, and for a reasonable budget. See the case study.

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