Social media marketing is utilized for many purposes. You can promote your company, attract new customers, and connect with your audiences. As part of a digital marketing strategy, it is an excellent complement to SEO and Online Advertising campaigns meant to raise awareness about your company and drive traffic to your site. Setting up a Facebook, Twitter, or other social accounts is not difficult, but managing your company’s presence and producing ROI can take some expertise – and effort.

Using social media accounts is a way to connect with searchers, buyers, and current customers in a way that naturally inserts your company and your message into their internet travels. It is part of an overall inbound marketing strategy which puts your company in places where people are looking for information.

When you utilize social media effectively, you create a buzz that produces results. Web properties like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, etc. all offer unique opportunities to present your company and drive your message. But it’s important to know where your audiences are and how to join the conversation.

How Big Oak Can Help

Posting on your company’s social media is usually best when you do that yourself. For example, you can talk about a sale or industry news or even a change in your business that your audience would find helpful or interesting. This type of updates to your social media account is best done in-house.

Our goal is to offer the best in social media marketing using well-thought-out strategies that are tailored to your company.

Social media is best supported by great content that should be placed on your blog or as articles on your web site.

We’ll work with you to determine what topics should be written and how often you should post content. And not all social platforms deliver equally. Some times Facebook is the right social media tool, and sometimes it may be Pinterest or LinkedIn. Rarely is Twitter the right tool. Once the content is written by your team or by us, we can push it to social sites where it will be most effective – reaching your audiences, receiving clicks to your website, getting likes, etc.

Our efforts are to use social media to help your onsite content get more traffic using the following steps:

  1. Planning and ideation
  2. Copywriting or consulting on content
  3. Posting content with supporting image to your website/blog
  4. Posting link to social media accounts such as Facebook, Pinterest (images), and LinkedIn.

Social Media Advertising

Using social media for content support and communicating with your customers is important, but for social media to have a viral effect or simply driving customers to your site, you need to consider advertising. Spending advertising dollars to promote your product or service on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Pinterest can provide high returns. Creating the right ads and using them on the correct platform is how Big Oak can truly make social media marketing work for your business. It is almost impossible to have a successful social media campaign without spending on advertising.

Monthly reporting on social media can be part of our regular reporting as needed.


Find out more about social media management capabilities and how we can help your online strategy by calling us at 804-741-6776.